DONE FOR YOU business, coaching, articles, and updates

I’m so excited to be working on updates you will certainly love.

More for you!

Here are some updates we’ll be working on in the next few days::

  1. More articles: I started publishing more useful articles to help you understand the micro membership business model.
  2. More social presence: now, I use more social media accounts to spread the word about this unknown simple, yet economic business model, so, if you think it may interest your loved ones, go ahead, help us do that
  3. We added more DONE FOR YOU businesses: Even though the main goal of this business is to make you aware of the simple web possibilities to generate an income, I decided to go further by offering a DONE FOR YOU business with coaching and follow-up.

Have a question? get in touch with me any contact and support ways.

That’s it for now… Best success to all.

Adel, The Admin, and manager of