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Want to generate an online recurring income, but

You are facing one of the following obstacles

You don’t have experience

You do not have any online or offline business experience

You don’t have an idea

You do not have any clear and simple business idea to start

You don’t have a plan

You do have an idea but you are lost in how and where to start it

You don’t have the time

You do not have the time to waste on endless research and trials

You don’t know how

You do not know how to build your online business website

You don’t have the budget

You do not have the budget to hire a professional to build the business for you

You don’t have leads

You don’t have any online following or leads that may be interested in your offer

You don’t have a funnel

You don’t have any working funnel to collect leads and convert them to paying costumers

Wonder no more, the solution to your obstacles here

Discover how to start your first Micro Membership Site business without breaking the bank… Exactly like we did with this business

Introducing… The Micro Membership Site Business

We call it M.M.S… It is a small business website that delivers step-by-step articles/ lessons in exchange for a TINY monthly fee… Exactly like this website does

Start selling freaking fast

With an M.M.S, you can start selling your membership offer right after you’ve prepared your welcome email and first article… Basically in one weekend, you can be selling already.

Build it in one weekend

It is easier and faster to build your first M.M.S business website, even if you’ve never built one before… PS: If you know a bit about the web, you can start selling in one weekend.

Build it for $20 or less

To build your M.M.S, you just need $20 or less to buy a domain name and pay for the first month of web hosting.

Build it with free tools

You can build your first M.M.S with free WordPress, theme, and tools… Exactly as we did with this website

Build it yourself

No need to be a web expert or hire someone as an M.M.S requires only three to five web pages to be set up… Exactly as we did with this website.

Sell it very easily

Because the pricing of your M.M.S offer will be as low as one Starbucks coffee, selling it will be easy peasy.

Make more money

Why stop at one M.M.S when you can generate more recurring monthly income by launching several ones completing each other

Collect qualified leads

Use your M.M.S to collect qualified leads interested in your membership and business offering… Exactly as we are doing with this website.

Get a better converting funnel

Because challenges have been proven to convert way better, use your M.M.S as your marketing funnel lead magnet… Exactly as we are doing here.

How does this work?

Simple, just follow these 3 steps to find out.


Take the free challenge

Challenge yourself to build and launch your first micro membership by the end of next week


Learn and plan

Follow the 5-steps challenge to learn how to plan your membership business launch


Launch your membership

Launch your micro membership business and start selling, even if it is not fully ready

The 5-day challenge summary

This is what you will learn in this challenge

DAY 1: Introduction to the business model

In day one we will clarify the micro-membership site business model and how easy it is to set up and launch one in a weekend, even if you’ve never launched one before

DAY 2: Examples of M.M.S to launch

In day two, we’ll seriously dive into the subject… Learn about real-life examples of this business model and how you can do the same this week

DAY 3: Pick a hot topic for your M.M.S

Fail to do this and you will have a hard time selling your micro membership offer… In this step, you will learn how to select a good niche and a hot topic

DAY 4: Types of M.M.S to launch and why

Avoid common mistakes and learn why you should launch a certain type of M.M.S and not another… Hint: this is what makes this model so easy to sell

DAY 5: Set up your M.M.S’ website quickly

In this step, you will learn how to set up your first M.M.S’ website fast using free tools, even if you are a total newbie and never built any website before

CONCLUSION: Launching your business

Now that you went through all the steps, it’s time for you to launch your first M.M.S following a precise checklist… Act on it and by the next few days, you will have a small business that generates you a monthly recurring income

So, are you ready to get started?

If your answer is still yes, join us today to access all the steps to launch your business as soon as possible

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it really free to join the challenge?

Yes, it is 100% free to join the 5-steps challenge, just enter your name and your best email address to get started..

What if I do not have any online business experience!

This challenge is specifically made for beginners and Its steps are written in an easy-to-understand language, so, with or without experience, It will surely help you start online.

What do I need to build my first M.M.S?

You’ll need a domain name, a web hosting, install the free WordPress, use a free theme, create at least 3 web pages, have Paypal as a payment system, and use a free third-party email delivery and membership tool.

Who is behind this website?

This website is managed by Kydma company, an incorporated company since 2009… For more info read the about us.

How are the steps delivered?

The steps are delivered directly to your email address, so make sure, you provide your best one.

Is this challenge for everyone?

Yes, it is open for anyone motivated to learn and start a small online business.

Why do I need a $20 dollar budget?

You’ll need $20 or less to buy a domain name, and pay for the first month of a web hosting.

Is it easy to build and launch an M.M.S?

The M.M.S business is surely one of the easiest online businesses to launch, so yes, it is easy to build, even if you’ve never built anything online.

I have a question, how to contact you?

We have various ways to offer support, and all of them are listed on the contact page.

DISCLAIMER: We are not implying you’ll succeed with your first small online business; We are using the reference (generate an extra income) for promotion purposes only; Your results will vary and depend on many factors… Including but not limited to your background, web experience, and work ethic; Any business endeavor will involve risks (waste of time, domain name, web hosting costs, etc) and require consistent action towards your goals. If that’s not something you’re willing to accept, this community is not a good fit for you… This site is not a part of Facebook and/or Google Inc. Additionally, this site is NOT endorsed by Facebook and/or Google in any way.